This Weeks Event’s Jan 23 to Jan 29

Mark Your Calendars and Save The Dates! Here is a list of this weeks exciting events.
Thursday, 1/26 at 4-6pm, we are having an X’s and O’s party. A party to forget about your ex’s and celebrate your “ohh’s”. Free playable X’s & O’s game (Tic Tac Toe) to all our guests.
Friday, 1/27 is a CIRCUS Party! Lot’s of fun interactive circus stunts for everyone to perform, or dance to great music by DJ Compoqueen.
Saturday, 1/28 at 8am-10am join us for a Beach BBQ. We will have all your favorite BBQ foods cooking, cold suds and hot Playmates to dance to with DJ Nick.
Sunday, 1/29 at 6pm-8pm It’s a Foam Party! The foam machines will be pumping, the Playmates models will be sudsy and the music will be rocking, what’s not to like : )

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