How did we get so lucky?

Playmates Magazine turns 8 in November and recently I was asked how I deal with all the drama.  20-30 Playmates Centerfold Models per issue, you would think there would be some kind of girl drama concerning ego’s, jealously and cattiness.  I mean it makes sense that if you get a bunch of beautiful women together in a room that there is going to be some sort of drama right?  Well, actually no!  In 8 years, 96 issues, 96 playmates of the month, 96 models, I have only had 2 instances where I actually had to ban a Playmate from the group.  Those odds are unheard of in SL standards.  Instead I got a  group of gorgeous models who are more like family then competitors, that have formed a sisterhood.  We have models still in the group from 2009 and 2010.  That speaks volumes to the kind of organization Playmates Magazine is.  Same with our staff.  Writer, Katelin Skytower, Advice Columnist Jane Roux,  Reporters, Jeanine Rayne, Trevor Rookstown and Fawn Moonwing and our lead photographer, Tommi Waydelich have all been employed with Playmates for 5-6 years each.  Photo Journalist, Margarita Blanco and Events Manager Aaliyah Hana have both been working for us for over 3 years.  I have yet to find another business who has maintained the same staff members for that length of time.

I have seen hundreds of magazines come and go throughout my 8 years as a publisher and I have helped launch several of these publications only to see them dissolve within a few months.  My advice to anyone starting a magazine, club or business in SL is to always be organized.  Communicate with your staff.  Listen to their ideas and quickly address any concerns.  Check your own ego at the door, you maybe the owner but you are nothing without your staff and most of all, pay your staff well and on time each month. We pay our writers and reporters double what most magazines pay out and our staff receives bonuses when we have extra revenue.

This is the best formula for a successful business and of course a good streak of luck!

I want to personally thank all our talented team members who have helped make Playmates the #1 best adult magazine in SL.

One Happy Family

                                                         One Happy Family

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